Well since you ask…I will be writing and posting here some clue to where I came from and where I find myself now and some speculation about where I could go.But just as photographic appetizer, here is a picture of me ‘posing’ in front of my parents house in 1969 with some rare English sunshine illuminating my favorite white flared trousers. One pair of the three erratically laundered bifurcated objects that passed for my trousers at the time.

A Long Time Ago

3 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. CG said

    Cool blog Uncle Bob!

  2. Peter Joseph said

    I think I remember you. My name is Peter Joseph and I believe you
    were our neighbour in Barnfield Road, St Mary Cray – a street of prefabs. If I remember rightly you had a younger brother. I have happy memories of playing in the sandpit behind us and the very steep hill. We moved from there to near Dorking in 1955 when I was six. Such a long time ago! I am now retired and worked as an artist and still paint for my own pleasure.

    • bobsterry said

      Hello, Peter. Indeed I did live in Barnfield Road from 1948 – 1955 when we moved to Riverhead. I was then nine. My younger Brother is Graham. I do not remember you, but I do remember Paul Bennett, George Jeffries and the first names of a few other regulars of the sandpit army. We were number 19 backing on to the sec. mod. playing field; now covered in housing. I visited the street about fifteen years ago and it was a tip. In our time there it was inhabited by war displaced families determined to make good and find better homes. I expect some did. I live in Oregon and narrate audiobooks for Amazon and voice over. You can check my web-site bobsterry.com Thanks for the contact.

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