I Entertain…and Inform

Singer – Voice Over – Writer

 Whether singing in my own show or with others, in recording or in my own writing, I  demonstrate the possibilities of transatlantic humor. Using the songs of Tom Lehrer and Randy Newman to skewer America and the those of Flanders and Swann to pickle my own homeland,  I combine their effect to entertain and inform. In my writing, poetry or prose, I  occupy a literary space somewhere between Dave Barry and Alistair Cooke.

You can read some of  my short pieces by clicking on ‘Home’.

Voice Over

I have a clear educated English voice, best used in Audio Books, Corporate statements, E-Learning and Technical applications.

I had a very technical education; chemistry major; and I spent many years marketing and selling high-tech products around the world. If your project needs a clear voice pronouncing technical terms properly and confidently, I am ready to record your material.

If your project needs mature, cultured British or London regional accents I am ready to record your material. Go to my Voice over Website  to listen to my Narrative & Medical and Technical demo tracks. Here are a few more links to Voice Over Demo Tracks to give you a rapid audio flavor of my voice:-
A Narration Demo

Medical Technical Demo

The Deaths of Three Men  An audio book example
Antarctic Radio  an underwriting  example

Red Planet  an underwriting example

I Can Make Your Poetry Come Alive!

If you write poetry but are reluctant to read it in public, let me do it for you. I read my own work and that of famous writers in public, or in video. I will make your work sound the best it can. I bring a clear voice, confidence and theater, if needed, to your work.

Contact Bob by posting a comment with your email or telephone number.

You can also follow me on Facebook and TWITTER if that is your thing.

Booking Bob for a narration, concert, reading or to write a scathing indictment of your favorite target is easy to do and easy on the pocket-book or wallet, as he says.

4 Responses to “What I Do”

  1. bobsterry said

    Hi Bob,

    Just testing the system

  2. Anne-Louise Sterry said

    Thanks for your unique voice..

  3. Since your accent is apparently “received pronunciation” (RP) – you could be from almost anywhere in England. My ancestors were from Cheshire (Davenport) and Rimmington up by the Lancashire/Yorkshire border (Remington). My wife’s Eatoughs were from Whalley and Clitheroe, also up north. Where were you born and raised?

    • bobsterry said

      Hi Jerry,

      I am not sure about the RP assignation. My Father was a Geordie from the far NE and my Mother was a Kentish Maid from the river town of Gravesend. I grew up in Kent, but left the UK in 1973. I love my language for all its breadth and creativity, and even for the confusion it can cause.

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