Dont Wish Me That..!

May 27, 2019

Military Cemetary Etaples

Nothing says ignorance like wishing someone a Happy Memorial Day. And yet it happens. It is a day of reflection and sorrow when thousands if not millions of lives are inadequately mourned. Of those lives many died in wars started for almost idiotic reasons. At the risk of scorn I include the first world war, and certainly the Iraq war. It is also salutary to understand how many died on both sides. So today, before we wish anyone happiness give a thought to these incomplete military casualty numbers, which horrific as they are still fail to deter politicians worldwide from making war again and again.

WW1 Casualties (Estimates)

Russia 1.7 – 2.2 Million

France 1.4 Million

UK 800,000

Italy 500,000

Romania 300,000

Serbia 400,000

United States 116,000

Germany 2 Million

Austria-Hungary 1.3 Million

WW11 Casualties (Estimates)

China 3 – 3.5 Million

Germany 5 Million

Russia 8 – 11 Million

Japan 2.2 Million

UK 384,000

France 210,000

United States 407,000

Korean War

China 600,00

North Korea 400,000

South Korea 230,000

United States 54,000

Vietnam War

North Vietnam 250,000

South Vietnam ?

United States 58,000

Iraq War

Iraq up to 480,000 (includes civilians)

United States 4,500