Gold MoonA little while ago, in mid November, I was watching the Pacific Ocean lit by the moon. As often happens in the Pacific NW a bank of rain clouds swept in and obscured our lovely satellite for the rest of the night. “The Moon is leaving”, I commented to my wife, for lack of a more accurate phrase. In a second or two this poem came into my head; not quite complete but certainly on the way. It did not take more than a half hour to edit, and a few days ago I went into my studio to record it. You can listen at this LINK  or read it below…

The Moon is leaving…

She’s had enough of us.

She won’t illuminate our love scenes any more

No more moon in June

A singer to croon

To a saccharine tune

While we fools spoon

We mad apes.

Not so suddenly

She saw our hate

Our lust for power

The scarcity of our compassion

The famine of our love

The gross abundance of our falsity

And will leave us dark, and tide less

For more rewarding and gentler orbits.

Asked to stay

She softly reminds us

Of the millennia in which we failed

Failed over and over

To hear her soft song

Were deaf to love

So deaf, and

Chose the songs of Mars.

Asked to stay

With tears and anguish at our loss

With loudest promises of change

With the loudest promises of change

She softly reminds us of earlier compacts

Broken, over and again,

And sings of her patience

He long soft patience

Now exhausted.

The moon is leaving

She’s had enough of us

She’s had enough


Of the mad ape.