A Personal Celebration of the Fourth of July

July 4, 2017

Anglo-American Flag (2)As an immigrant who came to America over forty years ago, and who became an American citizen for reasons about which you may quiz me some time, I too celebrate July 4th as a national holiday. I celebrate all the great things that America has done for the world. I celebrate the leaps that democracy took in the 18th century thanks to the revolutionaries. I celebrate the scientific and medical progress made in our institutions that have led to better lives. I celebrate the burgeoning and continued growth of music and art and literature in America. As an erstwhile European I am grateful for the Americans who fought to destroy 20th Century fascism.

But I am not a nationalist. Like my Father I believe extreme nationalism to be one of the roots of much of the misery the world has endured for a very long time. Having twice lost his home to Nazi rocket bombs he spoke from direct experience.

But I don’t celebrate a past that includes the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the original inhabitants of the continent. Over three or more hundred years estimates of Native American deaths caused by European ‘colonists’ in various programs and campaigns vary between nine and eighteen million. Whatever the number it is a stain. And I don’t celebrate the commercial brilliance of a past that depended upon; and still does to a large degree; the enslavement of millions of Africans, Chinese and other minorities in its fields, its mines, railways and roads. Another stain.

On this day, July Fourth 2017, let us focus on celebrating things of which we can justifiably be proud, have the honesty to accept the truth about the past, and work on making America genuinely the Land of the Free; for everyone.



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