I wrote this on the evening of August 4th. On August 5th a former C.I.A. Director’s article was published in the New York Times suggesting that Trump is a de facto Putin agent. I cannot claim any prescience but my timing is uncanny.

Long time apparatchik and highly intelligent soviet creature Leonid Brezhnev is perusing reports from his operatives in the USA. Brezhnev.jpgThey worry him. His concerns are suddenly crystallized into a terrifying fact when an aide enters the room and informs him that the Americans have elected a half-wit movie actor to be their President. While it is not exactly a surprise, and he appreciates that his own position is not exactly an elected one, he wonders what these fools will do next. Soon after his wonderment is answered. Reagan.jpgA meeting with the half-wit had been arranged. In Brezhnev’s mind it is like being asked to settle the affairs of the world with the Kremlin janitor. His eyes are rolling as fast as a Las Vegas fruit machine cherry.

Years later long time apparatchik and highly intelligent soviet creature Vladimir Putin is perusing reports from his operatives in the USA. He is delighted. Putin.jpgAnother half-wit has seized the political stage and will perhaps meet with him in the coming years. Things could not be better.

Unlike Brezhnev, Putin understands that a half-wit in the White House could be a de facto soviet agent. And yes, I use the word soviet since so little has changed politically in the Russian world.Trump.jpg

And so instead of rolling his eyes at the idiocy of Western democracy, Putin sees the game more clearly and will move to manipulate the new half-wit for the benefit of himself and his global ambitions.”