The Cascade Urban CowboysIn a previous life, but within living memory, Anne-Louise and I started a short lived cowboy band. We named it Anne-Louise & The Cascade Urban Cowboys. We coerced some friends into joining. We sang old numbers from Sons of the Pioneers, Tex Ritter and the like. We made paltry sums of cash, but it was loads of fun. As with any band players came and went. This pic. shows the earliest formation. Even though I am holding a guitar I had no idea how to play. I was the lead male singer. Imagine; an Englishman in a cowboy band.

The pic. below shows ‘Hoppy’ our Willie Nelson lookalike, a.k.a. Bob Brown, retired Episcopal Priest. He played banjo and sang all the heartbreak numbers. You cant see his clip-on pony tail in this shot, but he never sang without it.

Cowboy 'Hoppy' aka Bob Brown

The last pic. shows our last lineup. Standing; ‘Slick’ a.k.a. me, ‘Blazin’ Babs’ a.k.a. Barbara Bridge, ‘Hoppy’. In front the leader herself. The amazing Anne-Louise. Cascade Urban Cowboys Final