Solstice Sun

I Will Return!

Winter in the Pacific North West can be a tiresome affair. Rain, no snow unless you are in the Cascades and East. Personally I can easily live without the white mess and the darkness and wetness are no worse than my home country. But for everyone else here is poem (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN) I wrote about the Winter Solstice and the Helium Warrior that is our Sun.

It was like going back to work in the hi-tech marketing business. Talking confidently using words more than yard long. I recorded this new voice over DEMO TRACK at Marc Rose’s Fuse Audio Design Studio in Portland.  

History, as we know is the written fog through which we are asked to view the past. Written by many with various agendas we as readers are often asking ourselves, did that really happen? With this in mind I have taken it upon myself to present  a few chapters of American history with no bias whatsoever except to amuse and confuse.

I give you Episode One of the Clutterbuck Saga. Please let me know if you can spot the deliberate mistake. Go to this LINK