Pope Hits Home Runs in US Visit But Justice & Truth Might Still Lose

September 25, 2015

It is not surprising that this man, the present Pope, should get so much attention in his US visit when the institution he leads has for so very very long denied so much. The contrast is stark. Thousands of other sages and leaders have sent out the same or similar message he voiced this week, and been ignored or murdered, much the same as a certain young Jew in a previous millennium. It raises the question of who are going to be this Pope’s disciples and will they be more successful than those who dared it before. There have been reformist Popes before and the edifice of the Catholic Church; catholic? what a misnomer that is; lurched back into its old paranoid dogma in less than a few decades following their departure.

Humanity as ever, led by religions of many styles and hues, seems determined to maintain its bad reputation.

Stephen Hawking has commented there is no evidence that intelligent life will survive on this planet or anywhere. That statement leaves all of us in the position of being quixotic figures if we make any attempts to change things for the better. Indeed what is better?

What has made human life more tolerable in the last century has been the efforts and successes of science. Clean water, vaccines, reliable food supply, to name a few. A church that denied access to condoms to combat AIDS in Africa, and simultaneously condemns the use of both contraception and abortion, has an astonishingly weak moral platform from which to speak on almost any subject, even as many of its servants are trying very hard to do good things which we can all salute.

Yes one acknowledges that scientific truths can be terrifyingly destructive when used badly. There is no lack of examples. Many of which involve the ‘unholy’ combination of scientific knowledge and religious fanaticism. In America TV, Radio and the Internet have not hampered the snake oil Christian co called churches that fleece its members remotely.¬†Scientists, apart from a few stage struck performers, seem more concerned with the truth, the discoverable truth, than the many religions that want to peddle their brands of what they call variously, the truth, the way, the path etc. as revealed to a select few and, of course, you will be lucky to ever be as exalted.

Alongside science, art, music and theater also makes life more tolerable. All of which science made more accessible to millions, when religion sought to limit its access.

My dream is for science and religion to be reconciled worldwide.

Good luck to this Pope from a an atheist, may be he can make my dream at least begin.


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