A Massive Enema, Please!

June 22, 2015

Removing the confederate flag from a state building however laudable is not the massive (and I really mean massive) enema needed in the American psyche to bring everyone to the same place. A place known as true equality. Don’t expect the republican party to take this on (that’s laughable) and the democratic party will only sort of sidle up to a mild laxative. Nope, it takes the people to decide that racism is always evil, always.

And yes I confess, I have been racist, and will probably continue to be racist, but I acknowledge it as a learned behavioral defect that I am trying to correct. I believe it can be done. We can all help each other to our own personal cleansing enema. And if humor can help..let the jokes begin…

…and listen to The Terry & Sterry Show on XRayFM this Thursday at Noon for more commentary. Streaming at www.xray.fm and broadcast at 107.1 and 91.1 FM.  Terry D. Kester and I use humor to deal with the serious subjects and vice versa.


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