Relative Sadness

March 30, 2015

It is sad to announce that a show cannot go on. Even sadder to announce that it was because of a fire at the hosts residence. The show ‘At The Vineyard’ with partner Anne-Louise was set for March 21st. We had even rehearsed, and were getting close to what we thought would be a great show. We were very disappointed.

But our disappointment cannot compare to the sadness our hosts, Chris and Susi Carlberg must feel at having lost the home in which they had lived for forty years. Even though the frame of their house remains intact, the interior is destroyed and must be rebuilt.

Our show can be rescheduled and go on without so much trouble. I cannot imagine what the Carlbergs have to face every day.

And so I am rescheduling the show to take place at the Tom Cummins Hall at Saint Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Wilsonville. Most likely date will be May 23rd. And the show will feature the wines Chris makes at Christopher Bridge Winery.

Life goes on and we can all help each other to get past such events.

More details of the show will appear here soon!

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