The Book of Bob is Back!

January 2, 2014

The story so far. Our hero, Bob, was forced to cancel his knock out cabaret show, The Book of Bob, back in September so that the aliens invading his spine could be persuaded to leave for their home planet. Aliens of this specific planet and type are hard to evict using normal Earth procedures. It has taken some months before Bob is able to once again step into the spotlight, sing and talk with no interference from irritating life forms.

And so it is with enormous almost galactic pleasure that Bob is proud to announce the rescheduling of a new and improved THE BOOK OF BOB, a Comedic and Satirical Cabaret Revelation in Songs and Words to March 19th at Tony Starlight’s Supper Club in the Hollywood District (of Portland, OR). The show starts at 7.30 PM but the doors will open around 6 PM to encourage you to eat and drink from Tony’s excellent menu and bar. Take a look at Tony’s at this LINK. Tony is one of THE BEST Neil Diamond imitators in the business and runs a terrific venue for Portland cabaret peThe Book of Bob poster v2rformers of all genres.

My show may include songs from Tom Lehrer, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Monty Python, Randy Newman, Flanders & Swann, Dusty Springfield, Jake Thackray and similar. Songs that are not often sung for no apparent reason since they are so evocative and enjoyable.

I encourage you to BOOK NOW by calling this number (503) 517-8584 or make your excuses to me via this blog or to


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