Fresh Cryptic Microsoft Error Mesage

November 15, 2013

Yes, Folks, it has been a while since I posted a new and useless to the average user Microsoft message. Here is one that started to pop up on my laptop recently. And, despite a tune up and clean by my local nerd shop, persists. Weirdly it does not seem to affect any of the programs and procedures I am using regularly. However, I feel quite sure that it will deteriorate, morph and in a few moths begin eating something valuable.

there was a problem starting c:\users\BobSterry\AppData\Local\Conduit\


What one wants to know is, OK IMG_0521so I have an error, what am I supposed to do about it? Why is there no recommended path of action, no recourse, not even a whisper of an idea. It is like getting a message from the City saying, “Our engineers have recently discovered that your house is situated over a large node of Uranium ore” No details, just that.

Your comments and suggestions (don’t say buy a MAC) please, on the back of six fifty dollar bills to an address I will give you.


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