I Get To Play Satan…Again

August 16, 2013

Another local Church has agreed to stage our production of JB by Archibald MacLeish. This means I get to play SATAN again. Some folk remarked that I was perfectly cast. I am taking it as a compliment. After all do you really think it is easy to play evil almost perfectly? Here’s the poster with details:-

JB Flyer Rev (2)

The Book of Bob

August 13, 2013

If plagiarism were to be outlawed the artistic world would dim considerably. Following the success of a similarly named show I thought why not? And indeed it does fit the general idea for my show. Which is…

“Everyone has their own book, rarely opened, which contains all the songs and words they wish they had sung or said”

And so we have The Book of Bob, September 21st at 2.30 PM, in the Performance Room of Portland Piano Company. . I will open my own ‘BOOK’ for you and you may be surprised at what jumps out.

Check out the poster. You can buy tickets at Brown Paper Tickets event #435526 or at the door.

The Book of Bob poster v3