My Role as SATAN..!

June 17, 2013

I was persuaded to audition for and play the part of SATAN in ‘JB’, a verse drama by Archibald MacLeish. It was a one night production and it turned out very well. People are now telling me I was perfectly cast andJB Flyer May 9 may have a career ahead playing the dark one in future productions. I can’t deny that I enjoyed playing the role opposite my friend Dick Norris who was playing God. But, late in life as it is I would not want to get typecast unless there is some material reward involved. SATANIC? Of course!

In the meantime I am now focusing on my readings for the Summer Concert of ViVoce, the Portland revel’s Female Ensemble. I am really impressed with the poems director Antonia Forster has chosen for theViVoce Summer 2013 large flyer two performances. As usual I know that the choir will produce some spine tingling moments singing some music that does not often get an airing in Portland. What poems? What songs? Included are pieces by Simic, Tennyson, and even Irving Berlin! Better come and see.


One Response to “My Role as SATAN..!”

  1. You were amazing Bob. A more charming Satan I have never seen. For sure I would have given you my soul!!

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