John Keats Would Approve

October 3, 2012

Some time ago; it may have been as much as three months; I submitted a few lines of my poem, Pinot This And Pinot That, to a contest. The contest was to write brief verses about wine that could be easily printed onto wine coasters. And now I and nine other poets will get our lines imprinted on sets of coasters from the Niche Wine and Art Bar in Vancouver, Washington.

My hat is off to the organizer of this contest Christopher Luna. Poets are always struggling to get exposure for their lines. Anything will do. Perhaps John Keats at one time was grateful for a few of his words appearing on the menu of a cheap Roman trattoria illustrating the romance of the location if not the quality of the food.

To celebrate, Christopher has organized an evening at Niche Wine and Art Bar where we will all read our selected lines and one more work. It should be at the very least an interesting evening. Should you love either Wine or Poetry here is where you should be on the night of October 17th at 8.30 PM

Niche Wine and Art Bar, 1013 Main Street, Vancouver, WA

One Response to “John Keats Would Approve”

  1. I love wine poetry – especially yours – and you! I will be there.

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