The Cricket; A New Poem

September 17, 2012

I felt the poem I posted last week needed some changes. So, here is the new version. Let me know if you like the change or not.

The Cricket

You think I don’t see the stars
You think I don’t wonder at the sky
As I crouch here
Unseen but heard
A small chirruping twig of keratin.
I am come quickly to this world
And leave the same.
I have some purpose
Which is not to entertain
Or become a romantic icon of your late summer sentiment
I am here solely to exist for a brief moment of beauty
I dare you to claim more.

2 Responses to “The Cricket; A New Poem”

  1. How can you write a poem about cricket without mentioning (even slyly) lbw?

    • bobsterry said

      There are probably enough public comments comparing certain players to insect life in physiognomy or style, and the explanation of lbw to an American audience would require me to write a sketch for my next show to make it even partially transparent. A sketch in two acts with refreshments.

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