Two Late Summer Insect Poems

September 14, 2012

Two poems for late summer. The first, Cricket, is new, the second, My Personal Fruit Fly. is two years old. And yes, I do know that i have used the word Keratin in both pieces. But without Keratin the insect world would be nearly absent.


You think I don’t see the stars
You think I don’t wonder at the sky
As I crouch here
Unseen and heard
A small chirruping kernel of keratin.
I am come quickly to this world
I have some purpose
Which is not to entertain
Or become a romantic icon of your late summer sentiment
I am here solely to exist for a brief moment of beauty
I dare you to claim more.

My Personal Fruit Fly

It is September and my personal fruit fly has returned
From his long vacation,
And is happily perched on the rim of my wine glass
Polity hopping off whenever I reach for a sip,
Quietly resuming his place when I set down my glass.
I can hardly resent his microscopic intrusion
Especially when I find that he and a partner have ended
Their wandering keratinous lives
And are now jointly denting the meniscus of my economy class Chardonnay.

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