The 2012 Atomic Summer Show Now in 3D!

May 14, 2012

Just for the thrillAtoms are splittings I am including in this post the second draft of the poster for my July 29th show. The next revision will include either a white box labeled mystery guest singer! or the actual name of that singer. I am looking for a female vocalist who would enjoy a small spot in the show and can blend with the theme; satire and humor around the apocalypse. A rich vein if ever there was one. And, with the addition of genuine 3D effects the show is irresistible.

I am also congratulating myself for including in the poster a QR Code. Demonstrating hopefully that even a post techno ageing hippy with scant street creds can keep up with some trends.

I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how I should make this show a sold out success. I am inviting you to the show in any case and I may even make it a comp. ticket if your idea yields the most impact. Lastly, if you know a female vocalist who might fit the specs. do pass this on.


2 Responses to “The 2012 Atomic Summer Show Now in 3D!”

  1. Have me at the door welcoming people and they will all come!
    Then i get a free ticket – yeah!

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