So, here it is. The final, I sincerely hope, draft of my show poster, updated by Ben Motal of DeepRootDesign. Note it includes Chrisse Roccaro, my guest singer, and I have to mention again, a QR code to buy tickets on line. I am impressed. Pass it around, share with the world.

Hope to see you there…July 29th @ 2.30 PM Sherman Clay Moes Pianos, NW 13th Ave, Portland.

Just for the thrillAtoms are splittings I am including in this post the second draft of the poster for my July 29th show. The next revision will include either a white box labeled mystery guest singer! or the actual name of that singer. I am looking for a female vocalist who would enjoy a small spot in the show and can blend with the theme; satire and humor around the apocalypse. A rich vein if ever there was one. And, with the addition of genuine 3D effects the show is irresistible.

I am also congratulating myself for including in the poster a QR Code. Demonstrating hopefully that even a post techno ageing hippy with scant street creds can keep up with some trends.

I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how I should make this show a sold out success. I am inviting you to the show in any case and I may even make it a comp. ticket if your idea yields the most impact. Lastly, if you know a female vocalist who might fit the specs. do pass this on.


Perhaps it is not surprisng that it took an African-American President to have the guts and spine to assert Federal rights and justice for another discriminated group. Now for the fight with the Puritan residue that use ignorance and hypocrisy of the 18th Century against the clarity of truth. My hat is off to Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

And what can one say of a state that passes a law in the 21st Century that discriminates against a huge section of its own population? Time for somewhere between 10-15% of the population of that state, and the peole that love them, to move out and take their brains and talent and love with them and leave that state to wallow in the hatred, fear and ignorance of the 18th Century where it will soon be.