Piano Tuning on I-5

April 30, 2012

Driving out of Portland after a meeting at UNICO, the Italian service organization, southbound on I-5 coming out of the notorious ‘curves’ I am listening to KMHD, the Jazz station. A pianist is hammering one key so hard and so often per bar that I am reminded of the times when the piano tuner would work on our baby grand, banging away at one note over and over until he got it where he wanted it to be. I am in the middle lane and as I am thinking this a dark grey station wagon slowly pulls past me on the left. In the panels of its rear windows is a large sign, “Piano Tuning” with a local phone number below.  OK. What is going on?

One Response to “Piano Tuning on I-5”

  1. Anne Scrivani said

    There are no coincidences! Now what this coincidence means is another story!

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