Women Leaders, Need More, but…

April 29, 2012

Over the weekend I attended two of my ‘spiritual’ resources; and I am using ‘spiritual’ in a very secular way. The Oregon Symphony in the Schnitzer Concert Hall,  and Saint Francis Episcopal Church in Wilsonville, OR.

The Saturday evening concert had three pieces; Copland’s Short Symphony, Astor Piazolla’s Four Seasons arranged for solo violin and string orchestra by Desyatnikov, and the big finale was St. Saens No. 3. The concert was introduced by the President of the Symphony, Elaine Calder, the Orchestra was conducted by Mei-Ann Chen, and the solo violinist was Nadja Salerno Sollenberg. It was one of the best musical events I have attended, barring Dire Straits in New York City and The Rolling Stones in Portland.

Sunday morning Eucharist at Saint Francis was presided by Christine Wysock. On the altar there were four other women helping out with the low key theatrics of the Anglican Communion.

For two events that have some meaning and power for me the leadership was in the hands of women, and I would wish for more, but not if they have any intention of following in the footsteps of say Margaret Thatcher or Condoleeza Rice.

Women are men’s equals but are they just as likely to succumb to the same temptations that power and influence offered those equals?


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