We Are All Poets

April 26, 2012

On a damp spring evening I joined about thirty poets and listeners at the Milwaukie Pond House. Tucked away behind the Ledding Library in Milwaukie, Oregon, this little gem of a venue sits on a widening of the Kellog Creek which runs in a quarter mile into the Willamette River. It widens a little just by the library and is generously called a pond. But with blossoms drifting by the windows and a light NW shower wetting the window panes it was a good place to sit and listen. I did not count but about a dozen or so poets rose and spoke their work or others with such a variety and personality that it made my usual cynical heart smile. I recited; I don’t really like that verb; I spoke three or four short pieces and I really enjoyed doing it, even though I was first up.

We are all poets in one way or another, trying to find some words to explain how we feel or rid ourselves of some interior tension, or sharing some joyful emotion that cannot otherwise find a voice to which anyone might listen. Poetry has that power. Ask any singer!

My hat is off to Tom Hogan and his wife and other partners and the City of Milwaukie who put on this reading every month at the Pond House. Take a look at this link for more details. I’ll see you there.

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