Interpret This Dream

March 28, 2012

I was taking an afternoon nap on the couch and fell into a fairly deep sleep, or at least I think it was deep. During the sleep I dreamt that I was woken by the sound of birds in our chimney. It seemed there was a flock of them and I thought that they were preparing to nest there. I rose from the couch and thought to make a small smokey fire from newspaper to discourage but not harm them from their purpose. I looked for the fireplace but it had moved from its usual place by about three feet. No matter. I was going to step over to the rack where I keep old newspapers prior to recycling when I noticed that there was indeed the remains of a fire already in the fireplace. A lone smoking ember glowed brightly. Not only that but one small dark bird was perched on the grate, stationary but I sensed it was very much alive. I reached in to save the creature and as my hand grasped it the bird became a miniature brown cow, also very much alive and struggling in my hand. Amazed I rushed out into the street where I noted that my driveway and that of two of my neighbors driveways were covered in glistening white plastic sheet, and that it was raining.  The tiny cow slipped from my hand and ran straightaway to a pile of anonymous material under another plastic sheet on my neighbours driveway. The pile was set on fire by contact with the cow, and I rushed over to extinguish it by scooping rainwater off the driveway. Looking around I found the cow had gone. It was then that I genuinely awoke, and of course, was instantly confused. Can you help?

2 Responses to “Interpret This Dream”

  1. mike said

    I’m confused also. Generally I try to remember my dreams. Sometime they are straight forward and sometimes they make no sense.When you sleep your soul can go anywhere the universe. All physical properties can be negated and changed, and you can manipulate the environment with simple thoughts. I used to have to flap my arms to fly in my dream, now I just think it. Iv’e seen myself
    die several times in a series of reoccuring dreams(all in a phisical past that I’m re-living). The most recent death was in the korean War…I was born in ’54. or souls are eternal and we all have lived many times before. Dreams can come as long distant memories or simply new other-worldly experiences. Have you ever had a dream within a dream? Now that is wierd and confusing. My first was when I was a young soldier and taking a nap. I fell into a dream and took a nap in that dream, starting a new dream. when my buddy woke me up, I didn’t know where I was! I liked your ditty on the collapsing star.

    • bobsterry said

      Thanks, Mike. The stranger thing is that it is only recently that I have been able to recall my dreams in such detail. I hope your dreams are only confusing and not disturbing.

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