We Are All Rush Limbaugh…Unless

March 2, 2012

When any of us remain silent as people like Rush Limbaugh vent hatred and hypocrisy and are paid to do it by manufacturers whose products we may buy then we are doubly complicit in the evil that may follow. If it were just this one revolting example we might be forgiven for not acting, but sadly his voice is only one of a large choir of misogynistic, homophobic and, dare I say, deranged men and a few women. Yes, there is free speech, and we should use it to counter these dark and foul voices. The pathetic and inadequate ‘apologies’ from Boehner and others should echo loudly later this year. Call your congressman, call your senator, your pastor, call anyone and ask, “What are you going to do about this?”

We are all Rush Limbaugh…unless.

5 Responses to “We Are All Rush Limbaugh…Unless”

  1. Paul said

    Hi Bob. Seems we’re having similar thoughts. See my most recent post. A groundswell movement is possible. Perhaps it can get large and sharp enough to slice through that impenetrable ego.

  2. bobsterry said

    Hi, Paul. In the Guardian newspaper today a columnist thanked Limbaugh for being something that could unite women and others against himself and voices like him; Santorum par example. One wonders if he is in fact in the pay of left wing itnerests. I doubt it but it makes an interesting idea. But what ideas do you have to put the muzzle of truth on these creatures? My pen is ready.

  3. ….and my voice is ready. I have already written to the advertisers. I think he went beyond the bounds this time, in a way that is waking us all up!

  4. Paul said

    Looks like sponsors are leaping away. I think if we commoners keep up the pressure there will come a point where he instantly becomes irrelevant. Rush who?

  5. bobsterry said

    Some sponsors of Limbaugh are only ‘suspending’ their programs. I suspect some will return after the first wave of protests subside. The shame is that advertisers know the American psyche better than most. and rely on what seems to be an increasingly short attention span. Of the seven sponsors so far who have had the spine to ‘suspend’ their programs I expect at least half will return before long. And as you probably know, even if Limbaugh were to die tomorrow a dozen other fulminating creatures are poised to take over his polluted throne. My own actions will have much to do with maintaining my own self-respect. Credo, MoveOn and other net groups provide almost daily opportunities to add a signature, which I do. In addition to this I am drafting a letter to our Oregon reps. asking them force Boehner and other Limbaugh supporters to make a believable condemnation of his behavior. Perhaps a tide can turned toward a more civilized debate. Congress is an obvious place to begin.

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