Downton Mania & Thomas Paine

February 26, 2012

I do not share the current mania for Downton Abbey. Wonderfully produced and acted it yet remains as much an upper class soap opera as its predecessor, Upstairs Downstairs. And further for me it represents the world of unearned privilege into which my parents were born. A twisted and deplorable world of class distinction and snobbery only exceeded in evil effects by the Indian caste system. It took the lives of many and another World War to consign it to the work of playwrights and documentarians.

Sadly for America that world shows signs of ressurection here in the so called Land of the Free. The wealth of this country is held by an increasingly small number of families. The similarities between late 19th Century and early 20th Century Europe and America now are plain to see. Neither political party seem ready to change this state of affairs. The G.O.P. in particular seems to care less than nothing for the fate of the average person. They sink ever lower in my opinion, which was terribly low in the first place.

So much for Thomas Paine?