Another Quarter Million Miles for Celina Blue Subaru

November 21, 2011

In the small section of good news today I am able to announce that Celina our 1995 Blue Subaru Legacy Station Wagon that we bought in 1997 with 54,000 miles on the clock, has now traveled 250,000 miles. She did this on November 7th at 2 PM just west of Sandy, Oregon on Route 26.

Celina's Binnacle at 0.25 Million

There have been some repair landmarks along the way, her upholstery is getting threadbare and some interesting lumps have appeared in the drivers seat, but none so devastating or expensive as to prompt us to be rid of our dear Celina Blue Subaru. I could rabbit on about the significant moments our family has enjoyed or endured in the grey cloth interior but will not. I will, however, mention that although Celina was almost certainly designed by Japanese engineers in Tokyo she was assembled in Lafayette, Indiana, by union workers.

And we are not presently thinking over cashing her in for another newer vehicle. Despite a cranky entry into third gear from second and a marked decline in punch; like me; I think we will push onwards with Celina for a while.

Celina Blue Subaru at 250,000


One Response to “Another Quarter Million Miles for Celina Blue Subaru”

  1. I well remember when I picked her up at the dealers and drove home. I thought “Wow this car is so fabulous” I still think that now!

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