My Planet Hates Me

October 4, 2011

I am beginning to suspect that far from being a nurturing and supportive planet, Earth is actively rejecting humankind as an alien invasion. What informs this conclusion you inquire Every day nearly half of any conversation I have with another human involves some mention of allergies. A list of things to which humans are allergic comprises a significant part of the surface of the planet. We are not well here. We are not welcome here. Plants we touch will cause us to break out into puss filled scabs. Much of our food threatens some important body function. My own children, conceived on the surface, are variously allergic to apples, wheat, milk, peanuts, dust, cats and some yeasts. All fairly mundane items found nearly everywhere; ubiquitous. I am myself allergic to some as yet unidentified airborne material which leaves me sneezing and gasping for breath at unpredictable intervals.

We are a sneezing, itching, scratching, and inflamed life form from another world that this one is desperately rejecting so that its own flora and fauna can survive. Why we came or were sent here is a mystery, and when the mother ship will show up to rescue us is another, even to those crazed religious sects who claim the knowledge. Yet even they do not mention the rejection by a planet that seems obvious to me.

The classic novel of alien invasion by H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds, needs to be rewritten so that the aliens are us and try as we might to subdue the planet it kills us off by bacteriological infection. Something I suspect it of already slowly doing. Why are there diseases that only humans enjoy? Why do our drugs, efficacious at first, slowly lose their power?

The Earth, a relatively pleasant place for a few days a year when perhaps it takes a break from hating us, is not our home planet. We need to start signaling home for help.

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