Car Crash Dummies on Stage

September 25, 2011

It is only six days till the moment when lights will go up on me and partner Anne-Louise, as we start our show A Sterry Sterry Night. Although we both are experienced at being in front of people and holding their attention for a while, this performance has another feeling about it. Say you are in a car traveling at highway speed in the fast lane. Two solid lines of trucks and other large vehicles are traveling in parallel with you at the same speed. Your are trapped. One of those announcement boards comes into view with the information that a brick wall has been placed across the highway less than a half mile further. Everyone slows down to a crawl. But not you. For you have chosen this moment to discover that your vehicle has no brakes whatsoever and a nasty impact is a few seconds away. This may be typical in show business, but it does not make it any easier to tolerate. It is a combination of wondering if we have the material knocked and will anyone show up to listen to it anyway. We shall see, and so can you if you come to Hipbone Studio on East Burnside this Saturday @ 7.30 PM or Sunday @ 2.30 PM.

2 Responses to “Car Crash Dummies on Stage”

  1. Well I am not thinking of it as a car crash. You must be in the ‘car’ box of your brain! As we know men can only be in one box at a time!
    I am in the ‘oh this will be so much fun’ part of my brain which as we know connects to every other part of my brain!!

    • bobsterry said

      This is the sort of comment that we will be examining in hilarious detail in the show. Myers Briggs fans should have already guessed that we two are diametrically opposite.

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