London Calling; Who Will Be Indicted First?

August 9, 2011

Here are two questions that could easily be included in any exam as part of a course in public morality, ethics and government.

The thuggish scion of a Tory family is given a sinecure bank job and is awarded bonuses beyond the imagining of most citizens for doing mostly nothing but sitting on his arse and stealing money from what is left of the middle class and the more hopeful part of the lower class. A unemployed thug living in a less than pleasant part of London loots booze and electronic goods of value up to five thousand pounds.

Question One: Who will be indicted first and on what charge?

Question Two: Invent and explain a system of morality under which both behaviours are encouraged and explain how it differs from a well-known democracy.

Submit your answers to me on the backs of as many one hundred dollar bills as needed.


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