A Headline From The Theater of The Absurd

May 6, 2011

“Pentagon Funds Al Quaida Recruitment Drive”

It is not too difficult to argue that the Pentagon; that means you, the American
taxpayer, unless you are really wealthy, or a large corporation and then of
course you paid nothing; has spent over a trillion dollars seeking the death of
one person; Osama bin Laden This makes it the most expensive recruitment
campaign in the history of man. Al Qaida leaders must be laughing their beards
off. Without spending a bent rupee, or a dusty riyal, or a dollar hidden in
Switzerland, the Pentagon has rid them of a fading figurehead and assured them
of thousands of new angry and motivated young jihadists. And if bringing
America to its knees economically was any part of Al Qaida’s plan they have
almost accomplished that too.

As could be predicted a poll taken by the New York Times indicates that most Americans
think that the murder of an unarmed man is quite acceptable. They also believe
that this killing will somehow shorten the war on terrorism started by those
two lovable peaceniks George Bush and Dick Cheney.

It is difficult to capture a fugitive terrorist alive in an operation like the one hiding in Abbotabad, and
I do not have the expertise to suggest how it should have, could have been done. Especially since it was carried out in a country whose support does seem to be unreliable. But it is hypocrisy to claim we are a civilized county if no attempt was made to execute (sic) justice.

And before you jump down my throat asking me if I have no thought for the three thousand people who
died on September 11th 2001 allow me to say that I think of them often. As often as I think of the tens of thousands of innocents who have died in Afghanistan and the survivors of our rubble making air raids whose lives are wrecked and whose children have little or no hope and provide great opportunities for Al Qaida recruiters. Are their lives worth less than anyone in this country? And just to be clear I do not confuse them with the half million or so people who have died in Iraq for a different reason, but executed by proxy by those same lovable peaceniks, Dick and George, or the deaths of over 5,000 American service men and women doing the hideous misguided work Dick and George ignited. I think of them quite often too.

Add to this the sight of Barack Obama in his address announcing the death of bin Laden, asking god; which one
is that exactly Mr. President? to bless America as he made the cowboy announcement that we had finally after ten years that ripped our economy and sense of polity apart, got our man, and we can once again confirm that politics is truly the theater of the absurd.

A great rock group from my home country said it well, “Meet the new boss, same as the old
boss”. Title of the song? “We Wont Get Fooled Again”. Is there a point when irony is so thick it fails?
But of course I am not forgetting it is an election year and our President has to overcome the serial liars of the right wing and republican party. But can’t we leave our gods out of this? And cannot we admit our hypocrisy? And what is that you ask? That is like asking the price of an automobile in a Mercedes dealership.


One Response to “A Headline From The Theater of The Absurd”

  1. Paul said

    I, too, was appalled by Obama’s god-bless-america moment. I made me wince at the end of a fine speech. I see it as an unfortunate capitulation to the right, which otherwise would use any lack of godly reference as more proof of Obama’s lack of qualifications for the job.

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