Western Civilization Kills Planet

March 23, 2011

Libya. Another war brought to you by those huge
supporters of democracy, big oil. Right! If it were not for Libyan oil the
issue of democracy for Libyans would be at the bottom of the sports page, next
to lost puppy appeals.

It may sound so trite and old but I repeat it nevertheless. Imagine if we had
started a sensible energy policy in 1974 when it would have made all the
difference. But no, we lacked imagination then and so little seems to have

Thanks to you, big oil, big coal, and our American greed; individual and

It is hard to feel positive about any real change when we refuse to stop buying
oil, and nothing the chumps in D.C. do is directed at changing our wasteful
habits. Western civilization may be the death of this planet.

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