American Media Hungry for Nuclear Disaster

March 13, 2011

Do you have the impression that American media is just foaming at the mouth with glee at the prospect of a nuclear incident in Japan? To me it seems that they are actively hoping for a disaster. In the headlines and copy I get the message that they believe it better to create the news and crisis themselves rather than wait for facts to report. The legacy of Hearst remains. What hope do ordinary citizens have of finding the truth when so many are determined to deceive? News reporting is a commodity that can be bought it seems forever. Too bad for us.

It is not that I am such a rabid supporter of Nuclear Power, and I believe enough energy falls from the sky in one hour every day to supply the whole world. But compared to the colossal political, societal and environmental damage done by the present means of electrical generation and motive power supply over one hundred years Nuclear Power seems pristine. No miners killed, no rivers destroyed , no mountains destroyed, no forests destroyed, no acid rain , no black lung, no oil spills, no middle eastern wars, no greenhouse effect and no heavy metals released into the atmosphere. Sure, one cannot outrun a neutron, but neither can you choose your atmosphere and your water.

To say that you cannot believe the publicity of the nuclear power lobby is naive. Do you mean to say that you then believe what big oil, big coal tell you?

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