Is That Truck Really Deadheading?

March 3, 2011

How often have you wondered as you wiz up and down the same strip of highway; why? Why as you are following a large trailer loaded with logs from some now denuded slope going northbound on I-5 you look over to the southbound lanes and see an exactly similar load hurtling in the opposite direction. The same could be asked for many different cargos? O.K. so I can’t see inside many trucks and have no idea whether they are dead heading or just shifting anonymous stuff from one point on the map to another for arcane reasons that have less to do with conserving the planet than it has to do with the supposed value of things in one place or another. And yes, I do know there are freight consolidation companies whose business it is to avoid the obvious example I gave earlier. And yet I see the logs rumble by in both directions and ask myself. Is that right? If we are not getting it right with something as simple as logs what hope is there for any other cargo?

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