MSN, Fox In Another Skin

February 28, 2011

I expect many of you have a Hotmail address or even two or more. And as a cheap and cheerful email service it is just satisfactory. As a source of news and opinion which is what you have to face whenever you log out of Hotmail, it is a global disaster. Closer to a convenience store check out magazine with less real news than a seed catalog the MSN page is ugly and contains, as most check out rags do; short, very short articles on weight loss, diets, fear of the next thing, and oblique slams at anything positive that any part of the Obama administration might do. Perhaps they fancy themselves as a Fox competitor? What must it be like to be a ‘reporter’ (oh please!) for this pathetic excuse for media? Every day you have ot wake up and pervert the reality to the narrow vision of Murdoch like creatures. Shame on you!

Public Broadcasting, OPB, NPR, I love you. If I had any money you could be sure it will come your way.

Just remember folks, a free service never is. There is a price to pay. And with MSN and Fox you are paying with your free will; in spades.

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