Smaller May Be Better

January 30, 2011

'Loretta' my Hetchins with the tilted brakes


When I had my Hetchins frame built I did not give much thought to the front fork wheel depth. And when my mechanic tried to fit my 1960’s Mafac Racer centre-pull brake to the fork he found that the pads did not align correctly with the brake track on the modern rim I was using. He had to angle them up about 30 Deg. They work but it does not look very elegant. The solution may be to find some old style rims. Smaller diameter, I suspect, may be the answer.

I have a short prose piece that needs to be interpreted in dance. It concerns the likelihood that mankind will soon have no individuals. All of us will have chips in our head. Inserted at birth. Presently we carry the proto chip in our hands. In which year will the first child be taken? Imagine the old Soviet with today’s technology and you will see America tomorrow. Fox News will be offering them at Walmart next to the Optical Center. Dance companies, I am ready…