Below is the text from my recent Press Release announcing my next Portland show. Dont let winter get you down, come and see how one Englishman can defeat the weather using centuries of ethnic experience with similar environmental conditions.

 Bob Sterry, local Singer, Humorist and Poet will present THE BOB STERRY WINTER STIMULUS CABARET, a unique and light hearted cabaret performance of songs and words in British Style at The Backgate Stage of Artichoke Music, 3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland. $15 at the door. February 5th 2011, 8 PM.

Had enough winter? Credit rating in the gutter? A North Western winter with chill winds and lashing rain are eating at our souls, draining our spirits and bodies. And what is left of us after Christmas has been sucked to desiccated husks by the retail moguls who shipped what paltry credit or cash we had to China after skimming off their bloated commissions to be squirreled away in sun drenched tax shelters.

 To offset this bleak and terrifying vision get some tongue in cheek British Humor into you! Save fifteen dollars out of your Christmas budget and come to this show. Bob Sterry combines the songs of Flanders & Swann, Jacques Brel, Tom Lehrer, some Broadway favorites and even Edith Piaf and Kurt Weill. Add spoken word from humorous poets and his own absurd sense of humor for a pick you up cabaret show designed to keep you sane and level until the sun returns and your credit rating improves. All delivered with Bob’s famous dry wit.