How To Produce a Musical

November 18, 2010

Producing a musical is much like aircraft manufacture. In the latter wings are made in one city, the fuselage in another, the electrical loom in yet another and as many subassemblies in as many other towns as needed. At some point all of these subassemblies are shipped to a central point and hopefully they all fit together; if the engineers have done their jobs correctly. And so it is with musicals. A scene here, a song or solo here, Act Three on Monday, Act One on Tuesday and Act Two a week later. One day or evening when the whole company of players is beginning to think that the director has abandoned them and no-one has really learned ALL their lines and the opening night is less than ten days away, there is a run through when all the pieces are glued together with hope and theatrical engineering. Somehow the thing flies; plane or show.


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