Head Chip

November 9, 2010

Here’s a horror piece I wrote fifteen years ago when microprocessors were nowhere near as ubiquitous as today. More evidence of my prophetic powers. Stand by for more; if you can stand to really know the future.

 Head Chip

In those days, those weird centuries that preceded the cranial chip there was such a thing as an individual. Can we believe it? Each unit had to exist separately, manage its thoughts, find its food and shelter, and relate to other things and creatures…alone.

 Every human at some point in its much shorter life had terrifying decisions to make, continuously, every waking moment. What to do next? Which food to eat? Who to talk to? Yes they spoke through the air! Everyone had choice. They could in fact decide to live or die. The course of their lives was up to them! Well we all know where that leads don’t we?

 The cranial chip has saved us from that dilemma. Living as we do in cerebral groups of twenty, sharing thoughts instantaneously our cloned bodies living for so many years our direction is assured and we no longer have to struggle. The will of the group carries us forward.

 In those days each body chose its reproductive partner, within racial boundaries, of course. A messy business. Some pleasure aided by the crude drugs, stimulants and art of the day we have to admit. But the insistence on reproducing in family units presaged much of the work that led to the first cranial inserts. In those days, if we can believe the videos, the chip was used first to adjust behavior to fit the old pattern. How quaint! Modern science upholding the psychoses of the past.

 Your joint reaction reassures us that we are right to continue our flight to the future and seek more ways to conjoin everything.

3 Responses to “Head Chip”

  1. Enjoyed it. A Utopian vision, but not comforting at all. Amazing that Google is already on the verge of launching it commercially, like all previous innovations to be madly embraced by the masses. For better or worse, let’s see…

    • bobsterry said

      Thank you, and agreed. No comfort in that Utopia. FYI I have been trying to find a small dance company to put on a choreographic version I have arranged, but so far no starving artists banging on my creative door. The dance piece would reveal an even darker side of the thread.

  2. We would most certainly wait for that choreographic version to see daylight. If you can’t find an interested troupe, make a stop-motion animation instead! Same impact …

    Best of luck!

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