Election Blues Then and Now

November 9, 2010

Here’s little piece of prophesy I wrote just a few weeks over ten years ago. I felt I was being accurate then, and now I KNOW I was and still am.

And now we are faced with the possibility that a new President of the most powerful country on the face of the planet may be elected by as small a margin as one single vote. The razor of democracy is cutting extra finely in this election. Combine this with the further possibility that this President may be a un-traveled, mumbling malapropist, whose only positive feature is that he has a nice silver haired old lady for a mother, and the bizarre nature of this election is only partly revealed. Voting for George Bush could once again put into the White House a puppet along the lines of Ronald Reagan. Someone who can be conveniently woken up from a nap to sign whatever the likes of Tom Delay, Henry Hyde, Jesse Helms, Tom Nickles, Pat Robertson and the far right wing lobbyists already gleefully rubbing their hands will put before him.


It is a sad irony that the millions who, wittingly or not, made their vote for Bush a vote against Bill Clinton (who was not running, except from Hilary) a moral vote, will have given encouragement, and thus power, to some of the most immoral and hypocritical creatures in Washington. Ultra-Conservative politicians and lobbyists who make Margaret Thatcher look like a softy combination of Noddy, Clement Atlee, and Tony Benn. If you ever wondered where fascism went after the Second World War you do not need to look much further than the centre and rural areas of this country. Racial and gender intolerance, fueled by fear of knowledge and liberal views are fanned by, among others, so called Christians, whose love of money and hypocrisy toward the Christian values of love and inclusion that I hold true, often make me physically ill. And this hatred generates more than enough money to find a dark voice in Washington.


It is not that Albert Gore is such a stunning alternative. Despite possessing twice the IQ, three times the political experience, and at least five times the pronounceable vocabulary of his opponent, he is not a natural leader and is genuinely wobbly on many issues. No, it is the prospect of an ultra-conservative agenda exercised through proxies like Bush by a frightening group of right wing demagogues that made the wooden Albert Gore a less awful choice. No matter that Bush would have such a tenuous grip on Congress that any program he promotes will have a very hard time getting through. It is merely that being the weak, unqualified and manipulated creature that he is will give the ideologues of the right a large stage from which they can scream their poisonous messages. Certainly there is freedom of speech and ideas. But any idea must surely earn its day in the sun, rather than be given a free ride by political weakness and conservative expediency?



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