Animal Inside

November 2, 2010

 Man has for as long as we can surmise used animal symbolism to exaggerate, encourage, strengthen skills ands knowledge that were necessary for survival. Many are the people who adopted the name and so hopefully the power and grace of the animals they admired. In rites and practice this involuntary symbiosis, at least for the animal, grew stronger although some speculation is given over to how much wolves actually sensed mans hunger for their essence.

Sind Sie mein doppleganger?

In a softer, or should I say, more secretive age, the animals that man admires, adopts and attempts to absorb have less to do with survival than with image. Men wish to be cold and efficient, they attempt to become machines. And today’s machines, closer to life than ever before, are a kind of animalia. Ceaseless movement, and, so long as the batteries last, the perception of a crude and basic intelligence. Man grows closer and closer to machine – animalia symbiosis. How long will it be before the first PC is actually embedded in a person to avoid that so cumbersome human to microprocessor interface? Wired thus what is the animal and what is the machine? Where will intelligence; and morality, reside?

 But for many animals inside are the words we paste onto emotions that often we wish were elsewhere. Our layered existences ands social laundering seem to make it convenient to ascribe our basic hungers and needs to internal beasts over which we have little control. Do I have an animal name for my itch, my heartburn, my physical hunger, my sexual longing, my tiredness, my pain and all the other presences of daily bodily existence? Only half a catalogue I am afraid. But then again I know animals so little that the infinite varieties of my internal world find few matches in my knowledge of the natural world. Almost funny to think that in the cerebral cortex the amino acids and synapses storing my animalia are just a micron or so removed from the ones that signal the very senses that could use their labels. What stands between them?

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