Premium Microsoft Error Message

September 26, 2010

It has been relatively quiet on the bizarre and useless error message front for a while. I thought for a silly moment that the boiling digital mess that passes for a reliable and stable operating system had actually become just that. But today my usual cynicism was rewarded by the following utterly useless and meaningless message that popped up shortly after a reboot.

 “The procedure entry point LocalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library STLang.dll”  

I am not a MAC fan, I don’t believe all the hype, but these vacuum headed messages are pushing me ever closer to a fruity machine.

2 Responses to “Premium Microsoft Error Message”

  1. Paul said

    When you’re ready, Bob, we fruit will be waiting. No hurry, though. We are patienty fermenting.

  2. bobsterry said

    See, thats just what scares me. You MAC types are so sinister.

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