Dunsinane Associates, your partner in the Dark Arts

September 17, 2010

In 2003 I was invited to a Halloween Party. I am not a big fan of a holiday designed to make dentists wealthy and the Hershey Company even bigger, but I rallied myself and decided that if witchcraft was once a viable business model in the past why not today. And so being in a Shakespearean mood I created Dunsinane Associates. The attached PDF  Dunsinane Assoc Brochure for WordPress is of the first brochure I created for the company. I went to the party dressed in a business suit and a wizards hat. Three hideous witches accompanied me. We all had cards and touted for business. I cannot say how succesful we were. It is not good for business…as you could guess. Our clients do ask for and get utter silence on the question of their use of our services. Dont hesitate to contact me, my discretion would be legendary if anyone knew.


2 Responses to “Dunsinane Associates, your partner in the Dark Arts”

  1. Paul said

    You know, Bob, if you ever decide to run for politcal office (and do some real good in the world for a change), this will probably come back to haunt you. The sooner you recant, the better. Just say it was youthful silliness, or maybe a moment of dementia. I’m only telling you this as a friend. Please don’t take it personally.

  2. bobsterry said

    Hauntings often relieve an otherwise humdrum life, and as for politics, this would require a serious transmutation well beyond the powers of the three witches or their latter day incarnation (sic) Dunsinane Associates. And, as we know, recanting often only serves to focus ever more damaging and negative attention on oneself. But thanks for thinking of my future. Not so many people doing that these days…

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