Tree Blues

September 7, 2010

It took less than fifteen minutes to dramatically change the character of my neighbourhood this damp grey morning. It has given me a sad hopeless feeling. It has taken a little longer for the political landscape to change in America from the euphoria of the 2008 election. This morning a crew of four or five came and removed the Linden tree which for all our time in this address had shaded, littered and beautified our driveway. This morning I read in several news feeds that the republican party stands to regain power in congress and in states. The tree needed to go. Its roots were about to crack our driveway, break into sewers, internet conduit, gas and power lines. It was the wrong tree for this location; pretty as it was. The tree will be replaced by something more considerate of all those pipes and wires buried underneath. So there is hope. I wish I could say the same thing about the political scene. America once more demonstrates its impatience, amazingly short memory and gullibility. Our old tree needed to be replaced. Not so our present administration which has had less than two years to clean up the colossal Augean stable left behind after eight years of waste and stupidity; yes stupidity. I have written elsewhere on my opinion of the republican party. It is not good. Not even moderate. It is a party that serves its clients; the rich and the tax evading corporations; by misinforming its dupes, the voters. The same voters who then go onto vote solidly against their own self-interest; and they do it passionately. I can live without the tree, I will even welcome its replacement and help it to grow up straight and true. But don’t ask me to accept the political swing as anything but a very sad day for America. Venal axemen have started to cut down a healthy tree for short term profit at the mill.


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