Dog Years, Silicon Life Forms

May 25, 2010

Booting up ones computer can often be a frightening experience. Especially as the machine in question becomes shall we say, mature. If a dog year is like seven man years then what can we say about our copper-silicon buddies? Will it ever get to the point where we can point to a chipped and faded case in the corner saying something like “ten thousand boots and nary a crash”, or “two to the power ten trillion transactions and runs a smooth as silk”, or”picked this baby up at a garage sale in ’09, fixed ‘er up with a new sound board and fan case; good as new; watch this!”

Personally I think computers will become more like toasters. Banks will give them away with each new account you open.  As to their relative ageing I am think that a 20:1 ratio is about right. If the average life span of man in say California, is 70 years then the average compo. should last 3.5 years before it starts exhibiting the tell-tale signs of irreversible decay and a new future as the back up machine at the Church Library.

And todays useless Microsoft message. Upon booting up my rapidly decaying machine; come on old girl! has taken to displaying this message, ” Please wait while Windows configures Fax”. Why is this particular operation worthy of notifying the user? What obscure vulnerability exists that we should wait for this routine to complete before attempting anything else? Why is this important?

And no, I dont own a dog. But if I did I am sure it would get along fine with my computer.

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