British Politics as Bellweather

May 12, 2010

As left leaning person I am sad to see that the Tories have once more weaseled their way into power. The odd thing about the new government is that it is a coalition of the Tories, the historical party of the privileged, and whatever the old Liberal party became, the Liberal Democrats. Very strange bedfellows and the opportunities for chaos not mention satirical humor are vast. The last coalition in the UK happened in 1974, one year after I left the island. I do not imagine there is any connection. The 1974 deal did not last and I do not see this one going anywhere either. A further reason for my sadness is the implication that a swing to the right in the oldest parliament might mean further swings to the right in our own country. I don’t pray in the religious sense, but fervently hope this is not so. The politics of fear are the special purview of right-wing politicians. In this group I will of course include Stalin, Mao Tse Tung ( not really communists after all) and quite a large number of G.O.P. incumbents and hopefuls. The politics of hope are in the wings waiting for a cue, and it has always been that way. But fear is easier to arouse than hope.


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