Extra Pages from the Inn at Spanish Head

May 10, 2010

Buying second-hand books is fascinating not just because the book is new to you, and not even because of the stains and marks that suggest the messy history of previous ownership. In a book recently purchased at Powell’s a piece of note paper from the Inn at Spanish Head held the handwritten notes on two dreams. Here they are:-

At Beach with my Parents

Dream One: Nazi Germany – I had to go out to work each day and getting home, we had to run through a maze of tunnels – hiding all the way. There was a serious threat – danger.

Dream Two: Group of men in a house in the country with me. There were other houses, we were held prisoner by one of the men. He was the one I was in love with. When we tried to escape he felt betrayed and threw away food he was cooking for us.

No date on the note, but the paper is not old.

If the author were by chance to light upon this blog what would they do? What would you do if you found a piece of your writing on someone elses blog?


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