Thanks, no Thanks for the Good, Lousy Advice

April 15, 2010

Ask yourself this. What would you have become if you had taken all the bad advice you have been given, and then, of course, what would you have become if you had taken all the good advice you had been given? Right away I can see that this is the bare skeleton of a book. And I can also see that some of the flesh and organs of the book would have to be discussions on the nature of advice, what makes it good or bad, and would the conclusion be that it does not actually matter because what seemed like good advice in 1986 proved to be bogus over the intervening  years? Is advice then of the moment and not to be taken seriously? I am not talking about the advice which is plainly common sense or survival. Dont put your hand in the fire, don’t breathe underwater, dont punch policemen, and so on. No it’s the advice that friends, bosses and relatives give you when they take you into a quiet room, ask you to close the door, sit down and listen. Those special moments, or so you thought, when you would make a leap forward, or were saved from some awful stumble.

So there you have it. Get writing. Let me know when you publish. And let me give you some advice about that…


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