Tiger, Minx, Cortina and Jaguar

April 9, 2010

In a weird and wonderful week I spotted four landmarks of British auto engineering at either its worse or best, depending on your personal point of view. Heading out to town along the usual stretch of road mostly patrolled by bloated SUVs the size of a house I am passed by a blood-red Jaguar XKE. Returning later on the same day down the interstate I pass a pristine Sunbeam Tiger (Close relative of the Daimler Dart). I am already tingling when a few days later I am able to touch and photograph an IGC (in good condition) Sunbeam Minx that is parked on a street downtown. And then yesterday as I am cursing the traffic on Martin Luther King Blvd. I see waiting at the Broadway lights a light green Ford Cortina! A car I once owned in a darker shade, if not a darker time. If I see a Hillman Imp in the next few days I shall know that something is up. Whatever degree of randomness is generating these sightings must surely be a sign. I shall be checking for random oil slicks daily.

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