Leg Tents

March 31, 2010

Next in my series of then and now that we neophyte geezers love to post. Who remembers Larry Bird? Boston Celtics. Right. Check out this pic. of the Bird on the right. He is wearing the standard uniform of the Celtics when he was playing way back when. It comprises about five square feet of materia land could hardly of impeded him during the game. Now take a look at a more recent player below. He is wearing what amounts to a small two-man tent which he has to drag up and down the court. Dont give me that new material horsehockey! The same thing has happened in ‘soccer. The shorts we used to laugh at from the 1940’s and 1950’s; down to the knees, huge ballooning width; they are back. Not only that some players wear what appears to be black or white cycling shorts underneath their ‘leg tents’. Modesty on field? I doubt it. If there is a technical reason for these hilarious uniforms I’d like to hear it. Men! You have legs, lets see ’em!


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